Hello Everyone,

     Jon Battle has rendered exceptional service to our chapter for many years serving, among other duties, as web master of the CBC site that he created and managed.

     My name is Chuck Davis. I joined CBC in 2018 and live in New Oxford, Pa. with my wife Linda. At Jon’s request, I accepted responsibility for the CBC website early in 2020.

     The new website address is still cbc.hetclub.org but you may need to clear your browser history to reach the current version. I edited and re-formatted Jon’s site, keeping some information essentially the same and adding several pages such as:

A “Members' Cars” page featuring photos of members with their cars and trucks along with any information they want to include.

A “Breaking News” page to supplement the Hudson.Aire.

A "Recent Events" page with photos from shows or club events and gatherings.

In the future, we may add:

A “Service Providers” page where members can recommend Hudson service providers and review service experiences.

A “For Sale/Wanted” page for Hudson and Hudson-related items.

     I was “introduced” to the club in the Hudson.Aire when I first joined in 2018, but here’s a brief summary.

     My granddad bought a new Hudson in 1949 when I was 2 years old, then traded it for a new Hudson in 1953 so my love of the marque began early. I grew up in Anne Arundel County, Maryland and owned a small farm in Carroll County until 2001 when we bought 80 acres in Adams County, Pa. There are photos of the farm, horses, saddles and a very few of the many cars we’ve owned on our web site at http://www.octoberhillfarm.net Be sure to click on the link to the aerial video of the farm.

     I currently own a 1947 Super Six Club Coupe and am looking for a ’37 Terraplane Brougham or coupe or a step-down Brougham or coupe. I prefer a driver-quality car with a straight, solid, rust-free body. Mechanical condition is less important.

     I’m 77 years old and have many interests that keep me busy. This current CBC website is actually a revision to the site I built in January 2020. This one has wider content and bigger photos. I will do my best to keep our site pleasant, current and interesting but, honestly, the Chapter would be better served by someone with more time and technical savvy than me.

     Anyone who has any interest in becoming web master for the CBC site or has a suggestion to improve it, is encouraged to contact Jon Battle at 540-364-1770 or Chuck Davis at 717-624-8233.

     Thanks, and welcome.

               Our Farm

Greetings from web padawan Chuck Davis on 6-12-22