Doc's Meet Photos

Doc's Meet usually happens during May in Winchester, Virginia. It is hosted by the Tri-State Mountain Roads Chapter of HET often in coordination with the CBC. Recent meets have been open to any orphan car more than 25 years old.

          Jon Battle's '37 Terraplane                         Joe Wood's Commodore Eight

        '53 Hornet from Colorado                                     '54 Hudson Jet

                       '53 Hornet                                                     '54 Hornet

         '41 Hudson Business Coupe              '32 Hudson Sedan with dual side mounts

         '41 Studebaker

               Studebaker Lark

              '36 Packard

                  Pacemaker coupe

A Checker, Pontiac and Paige... oh my! The Checker is tan, Paige is light blue in the front row and the Pontiac is yellow.

Here's the same group from the back with a Packard next to the Jet and a '33 Pontiac next to the Packard.

This 1908 REO was the oldest car at the 2021 meet and was actually driven there rather than trailered.

When it rains, some cars never leave the trailer

Hot Rods too

1957 Hudson sedan