The "Doc's Apple Blossom Meet" Story


"Doc's Apple Blossom Meet", held annually on Mothers Day weekend in May, has taken place for over 50 years!

It began in 1964, when Hudson enthusiast D.C. "Doc" Daugherty of Front Royal, Virginia was attending the annual "Apple Blossom" AACA antique car show in Winchester, Virginia along with several other Hudson owners. It was raining, and it soon became apparent that this would go on all day long. So "Doc" walked from Hudson to Hudson, suggesting that each driver follow him back to his sign shop in Front Royal (several miles south of Winchester) where they could have their own (indoor!) Apple Blossom meet. Everyone had a good time that afternoon; so much so that they all agreed to meet at the Winchester show the following year, then drive back to Doc's shop and continue the festivities. Thus the name "Doc's Apple Blossom Meet": the new event would be Doc's version of the (Winchester) Apple Blossom Meet!

That afternoon get-together soon morphed into a three-day event that was attended by Hudson lovers from across the country. The pattern was set early in the game: on Friday afternoon people arrive bearing various dishes of food, for a potluck dinner. On Saturday, everyone drives their Hudson to the Apple Blossom Meet in Winchester (that's why Doc's Meet is always held in conjunction with that car show). On Saturday evening everyone gathers for a banquet and on Sunday morning they meet on the grounds of the nearby "Skyline Caverns" for an all-Hudson car show and flea market.

When the crowds outstripped the capacity at Doc's sign shop, Saturday evening's dinner moved the "Hi-Wy" restaurant in the northern end of town. The Hi-Wy burned down in the early 1980's and the venue moved yet again, this time to the spacious banquet hall of the Front Royal Volunteer Fire and Rescue Dept. In 2014 the group moved once again, to the beautiful grounds of the 4H Center, just south of Front Royal.

Doc and his wife Thelma had continued to host the event until Doc's death in 1980. Thelma then took over running the meet with the help of her many Hudson friends. As she grew older, Paul and Stefi Schuster of Pittsburgh became the meet coordinators, and finally the Chesapeake Bay Chapter became the hosts.

In the early 1980's Doc's Meet -- which had up to that time been a regional Hudson get-together -- was given the status of yearly "Eastern Region Meet" of the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club. It continued that way until 2003, when the Eastern Region elected to have "floating" regional meets, held in a different location each year. On a couple occasions since that time, Doc's Meet has again been designated as that year's Eastern Region Meet.

Doc's sign shop in Front Royal, circa 1974 (photo courtesy of Bob Burke)


Sunday's all-Hudson car show at the Skyline Caverns. Has attracted as many as 70 Hudsons in past years.

There's no minimum age for enjoyment of Doc's Meet!

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